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12037 2 scapes. socio economic determinants and production of ecosystem goods and services. in the amaz 
ape conditions affect biodiversity, the provision of ecosystem goods and services and calculate 
400 1        biodiversity is indispensable to ecosystem production of goods and services and provides 
7642 1 e operation of the soil and thus to the provision of ecosystem services. betsi the project aims 
15532 1 -use scenarios, and their impact on the provision of ecosystem goods and services are scarcely  
14319 1 ivity changes and how they affect whole ecosystem production, an improved understanding of ecos 
12594 4 ata and scientific evidence on peatland ecosystem service provision as well as the transferabil 
e capacity of each site to increase its ecosystem service provision and assess the case for res 
e provisions and compare differences in ecosystem service provision between sites. we will asse 
 top 10 criteria for assessing peatland ecosystem service provision to facilitate monitoring of 
15493 1 ng how and why biodiversity affects the provision of ecosystem services under global change is  
15577 1  positively related to biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services. if this is true, then  
14714 1 s and its availability can either limit ecosystem production or favor eutrophication; this in t 
14982 1  constitute one of the richest and more productive ecosystems of the planet because of their gr 
14623 1 ple stress factors on the diversity and production of ecosystems. predicting the outcome of a g 
10408 1  assess the impact of climate change on ecosystem services provision and local livelihoods. thr 
11413 1  assess the impact of climate change on ecosystem services provision and local livelihoods. thr 
15357 1  associated to loss of biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services, i.e. of human well-bei 
15016 1 y than the site availability as in more productive ecosystems. the comparisons of a broad range