1.2. Goals and objectives

This project aims to define the scope and characteristics of research on ecosystem services in temperate agriculture. The goal is to:

  • determine what are the ecosystem services that are studied and in what particular ecosystems
  • distinguish and classify following three levels the projects which refer to ecosystem services:
    1. generally or on a thematic positioning (level 1)
    2. comprehensively by indicators and methods which caracterize a service (level 2)
    3. functionally by mechanistic approaches, experiments and models which aim to analyse and measure biological mechanisms of production of ecosystem services (level 3)

We can divide it in several objectives:

  1. To define, test, document a working procedure that allows to interoperate text mining by Unitex on the BIODIVERSA corpus and on the corpus WOS Ecosystem Services.
  2. To produce a new database created by the fusion of the Biodiversa database and database obtained from the results of text mining with Unitex
  3. To perform data analysis in CorText on the complete database obtained: network analysis and multivariate analysis