2.2.4. Criteria to classify projects per levels 1, 2 or 3 Basic criteria

To determine the level which belongs a project, I established some simple criteria.
If a project is recognized by the graphs ecosystem_service, ecosystem_function, production_provision or reqWOS, it is at least on level 1.
If a project is recognized by the graphs se1 or se2, it is at least on level 2.
To recognize projects of level 3, we use the concordances file which corresponds to the graph se2_niveau3 and we take all projects which have at least 3 occurrences or the keyword « model ». Analysis grid  on four levels

However, these criteria don’t allow to find automatically all projects of level 3. In order to determine other criteria of level 3, a analysis grid which classify projects on 4 comprehension levels has been established from markers. These levels are defined as follow:

  • level 1: graph goal_se2 + understand/understanding
  • level 2: graph goal_se2 + analyse/analyses
  • level 3: graph goal_se2 + develop/developing
  • level 4: graph goal_se2 + predict/predicting/prediction/predictions/model/models/modelling