3.2. Structure of the website database

Connexion parameters of users, levels and comments attributed to projects are stored in an xml file which has the following form :
<user id="user" name="user,biodiversa" pass="" base="biodiversa">
<analyse id="user,biodiversa,goal_se2_analyse">
<project id="user,biodiversa,goal_se2_analyse,14366" level="3" comments="models"/>
<project id="user,biodiversa,goal_se2_analyse,2000" level="3"/>

  • A node « user » correspond to a user. It contains an id, the name, the password and the database of the user. A node « user » can contain several nodes « analyse » corresponding to an analysis file which a user can annotate.
  • Each analyse contains several nodes « project » corresponding to a project of an analysis file.
  • Each project has an id and a level. A project can also be associated with a comment but this parameter is optional.

The id of a project is composed of the name and the database name of the user, of the analysis file name and of the id associated to this project in the csv file containing all the projects.

In this example, there is only one user « user » registering on the site. This user has annotated two projects of the file « goal_se2_analyse ». He has associated the project 14366 to level 3 and has made the comment « models ». He has also annotated the project 2000 as being on level 3.