3.3. Features description

3.3.1. Register and login

A user can register or log in via a form containing the fields « Name », « Password » and a list which allows to users to choose the database of files of concordances.
By registering, a user creates a new user profile in the xml file. The registering can be done only if the name chosen by the user is not already present in the xml file.
As regards the login, the password typed by the user is compared with one that present in the xml file. If the password corresponds, the user can access to files of concordances.

3.3.2. Consultation of files of concordances

To display a file of concordances, a user must click on a tab of the menu at the top of the page. The display of the menu is dynamic, based on the content of the directory “Docs”. The analysis files to annotate are presents in this folder.

3.3.3. Annotation and backup of analysis files

To allow to a user to annotate a file, two columns “level” and “comment” are added to the table displayed. These two columns are dynamically initialized in function of the xml file content. A user can modify the values of levels and comments of projects then save his work by clicking to button « save ». This action updates the xml file.